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BMW Showcases the Luggage Carrying Capabilities of the Active Tourer

When BMW announced the Active Tourer Concept everyone wondered what its purpose could be. After a while, rumors that this will be BMW's first front-wheel-drive car alarmed the people even more.
BMW Active Tourer Concept 1 photo
Now, that the people had enough time to get it in their head that change and evolution isn't bad, we're getting more and more used to the idea that we'll be seeing a 1 Series GT in the near future.

The upcoming car is supposed to compete with Mercedes-Benz's B-Class and will bring forth a wide variety of new features including a possible 7-seater model. The video posted by BMW today is all about showcasing the new car.

It's actually a marketing exercised aimed at explaining where the 1 Series GT will excel and that is practicality. It will most likely have an impressive storage space (as all GT cars from BMW do) and a lot of new features. However, how clients like it is most important. So, what do you thing about it?


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