BMW's i3 Might Spell Doom for Conventional Cars

BMW i3 Concept 1 photo
Photo: BMW
The future of transportation might be in a great peril. In a recent interview, Bob Lutz, GM's ex-vice chairman said that if electric cars such as the i3 will prove to be reliable, conventional cars might become obsolete.
Of course, Lutz referred to all electric cars and not just BMW's but the idea is the same. Judging by the accelerated progress some manufacturers are doing and the latest news, things might get pretty 'eco' real soon.

Just yesterday, BMW alongside GM announced that they overcame a major milestone in developing reliable, fast-charging stations that can be used on a global scale. Furthermore, the i3 is sure to be launched this year and will mark a new page in the history of all-electric cars, alongside its sports brother, the i8.

What Lutz said (who, by the way, was a part of creating the 3 Series back in the 70s) comes as no surprise if you think about it. After all, excepting the old-school drivers like ourselves, who would rather own a conventional car than an electric one?

Its advantages surpass by a great deal the disadvantages, if they will become reliable and the range anxiety issues will be solved. Bearing this in mind, the electric cars will not only dominate the streets but will also make Otto and Diesel engines look like relics.

What does this mean for BMW? Well, since they will be trendsetters with the i3 once again, it seems like this is good news. They will be amongst the first major manufacturers to put into mass production a reliable, even sporty, all-electric city-car.
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