BMW M6 Gran Coupe Review by Edmunds

BMW M6 Gran Coupe 1 photo
It's obvious, BMW did a great job with the M6 Gran Coupe. After we saw even the most pretentious magazines praising it (like Top Gear for example), the incredible reports just keep on coming, like the one from
Their editors were invited by BMW for a sponsored test drive to see, first hand, how it feels to drive the luxurious 4-door Coupe. Even though the guys from Edmunds claim the Gran Coupe is just an M5 with different styling cues, they had to admit it's incredible.

The driver's seat is extremely comfortable and welcoming whilst the rear seats are a bit smaller and tighter but that's just normal, considering this is a Coupe with 2 extra doors. The engine is extremely powerful and the car makes you feel it.

Everything coming your way is growing bigger extremely fast and you really have to keep on your toes not to hit anything. Not because the M6 GC is has imprecise steering or because it's hard to keep in check, but because it's so fast!

Even though its competitors come with 4-wheel drive systems, like the 4 Matic on the CLS63 AMG and the quattro system on the Audi RS6, BMW is sticking to its classic rear-wheel-drive transmission and that's definitely a good thing. They guys from Edmunds seem pretty certain the Bavarian company will join the all-wheel-drive trend pretty soon, but we think otherwise.

After all, it is BMW DNA to have the power sent to the rear axle and, even though future Bimmers will have front-wheel drive, when talking about M cars, the rear-wheel drive is as essential as the letter on the boot.

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