BMW M4 Cold Start Exhaust Sounds... Controversial

BMW M4 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
A lot of people saw this video and hurried to call the M4 DOA, without even taking their time to analyze what they saw. We suppose that BMW haters are all around us these days and it’s not really worth our time to argue with them anymore.
But something deep inside kept screaming: that’s not ok! Therefore, we simply had to say something, to stand up for one of our favorite brands and its high-performance cars.

While publications like Jalopnik hurried up to call the exhaust note you’re about to hear in the video below similar to the one a Prius makes (that’s one of the most offending things you could say about a BMW) we think otherwise.

First of all, we had the chance to listen to the new exhaust on other occasions too and it definitely sounded better, if not brilliant. For some reason, the microphone used to record this footage must’ve been a bit off or something, as it definitely has some weird background noise in it.

Second, this was a cold start. That means that the valves at the back were probably closed or malfunctioned, creating a rather... interesting noise. Some even said that the car is too quiet and that it’s not worthy of the M badge on it. While that might be the case here, allow us to remind you that BMW usually protects its engines at startup and doesn’t allow you to rev them very hard until the optimum temperature is reached (except on the M235i) so the throttle probably never even reached the metal.

While you might call us bias and call us ‘Bimmer fanboys’ and whatnots, you can’t admit that there is definitely something wrong with this video and that simply can’t be the way the M4 will sound like. Are we crazy?

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