BMW M4 and M8 Make the Car and Driver '25 Cars Worth Waiting For' List

The guys from Car and Driver decided to make a top of the best cars to come out in the near future (between 2014 and 2017) and show us that the automotive industry still has some aces up its sleeve.
BMW M8 1 photo
Photo: BMW
Of course, the 25 cars in this ad-hoc top might not be to everyone's liking but we do like the fact that they included the future M4 and possible M8 into this interesting list.

While some might wonder why are the Acura MDX and the Cadillac ELR included in this top, we agree with the BMWs they picked. The M4 will most definitely be a mind boggling car.

It's not just that we really want this car to be great, it's that it has some really big shoes to fit. After the current V8 version M3 Coupe will be retracted from the market, the M4 will be the one to pick up where it left off, and that is a hard job for any car.

The M8 is a completely different story. Rumored to come out as an 100th anniversary gift from the Bavarian company for its customers, the new car is supposed to be a worthy successor for the M1.

Since BMW only built one supercar over its huge history, the M8 should be impressive. However, according to recent statements, the initial thought that it will be based on the platform of the upcoming i8 seems to be pointing in the wrong direction.

However, even if it's not going to be using the i8's chassis, the future car will most likely be sharing its lightweight components and manufacturing technologies (like Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer) to make this a very agile vehicle. Furthermore, the engine will most likely be an upgraded version of the S63 V8 with around 650 HP.

Either way, we can't wait to see the new supercar from BMW, a much needed vehicle, especially since most fans are worried that their favorite brand is starting to lose its legendary sporting image, with all the hybrid and electric vehicles it's releasing.

Via: Car and Driver
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