BMW M3 Driver Can’t Handle the Nurburgring, Ruins His E46 in Multi-Stage Crash

BMW M3 E46 Nurburgring crash 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
An E46 BMW M3 is a superb tool for taking on the Nurburgring. This is one of those old school M machines that provides tons of feedback to the driver. But what happens when the man behind the wheel doesn’t know what to do with all the information the car is sending out to him?
Well, chances are he’ll end up crashing the M3, which is exactly what happens in the footage below. Right from the beginning of the clip, we can see all the signs of a fast machine driver who wants to go fast, but can’t.

This guy enters corners wide and, unfortunately, leans onto the rear-wheel drive of his M3 just when he’s not supposed to. With such behavior from the one in the driver’s seat, it didn’t take long before the flames of the Green Hell reach the poor M3.

This is where the problems begin to show

The M3’s rear end comes loose after a corner that saw the car being driven into the understeer area, with the guy reacting late. An overcorrection mistake sends the E46 spinning the other way and this is where the real problem begin.

That rear end hits the protection element on the side of the track as if the trunk was ready to imitate the sculpted shapes of the CSL model.

Since the driver isn’t exactly on top of his game, the car continues to hit metallic element, and we’re not even sure which moment is the most painful to watch. The battle is on between the hit that saw the rear window flying out of the car, not before being shattered and the frame where we realise the M3 might need more than just an alignment job after this accident. Perpahs the time spent in the garage will give this guy a chance to do his homework.

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