BMW F12 M6 Coupe Tested at 1 Mile Above Sea Level

While driving at a high altitude some interesting things might happen to your car. The higher you get, the less air will be available for your vehicle’s engine to absorb.
BMW M6 at 1 mile altitude 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Think of it this way: there is no fire without air. The car’s engine needs oxygen in order to burn gas. If you have no air (or the air is low on oxygen) the car will not be as powerful as you might be used to.

The guys over at are usually testing cars at high altitudes in order to see how they manage. For a turbocharged engine, the lack of oxygen will have an even bigger impact for the performance than for a naturally aspirated one.

They got to test the new M6 this week. Now, if we’d be matching the M6 to the SL63 AMG on paper the cars would be really close at a normal height. At this height though (1 mile above sea level), the M6 should fall behind due to its two turbochargers.

However, the real-life tests done with the F12 M6 showed different results, as the M6 did on other occasions before. The SL63 AMG set a 0 to 100 km/h record of 4.8 seconds. The M6 managed to beat the Merc’s record, with a passenger inside, doing just 4.2 seconds.

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