BMW E39 M5 vs F10 M5 Comparison

BMW F10 5 Series and E39 M5 1 photo
When buying a new car, most people think about how it compares to the previous generation and whether it's worth to pay a considerable amount of money for a refreshed design. This is particularly true when talking about legendary cars like M5s.
Looking around for a comparison between the current M5 and the E60 model we stumbled upon an interesting write-up, from a forum user, talking about the E39 M5 and its younger brother, the F10.

Owning both cars, he was able to put in writing a useful set of impressions regarding the two. The first thing you notice when comparing these sedans, is that they both feel the same: "they can be laid back and docile one minute and absolute monsters the next."

Experiencing both Ms with manual gearboxes you could say they almost feel the same. The only notable difference is the F10's gear shifter location which feels better although that might be due to the new design and placement of the center console.

Using the cars on a daily basis, without taking them to a proper racetrack, it's hard to say which has better steering. They both do what they're supposed to do, without getting you in trouble. However, the F10 seems a little more connected and precise.

The newest M5 is noticeably larger both in appearance and feel but you don't have to do any kind of extra work in order to keep it in check. Also, despite offering more room, the F10's driver seat feels more intimate than the E39's.

Overall, the F10 M5 wins the versus by the slightest margin. Both cars are amazing and, although the E39 is 11 years old, no one in their right mind would ever sell such an amazing vehicle.

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