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Big Force Is a Mini Jeep That Weighs 330 Pounds and Can Fit in a Pickup Truck

Just another of those Power Wheels, electric cars for kids - one would think - but it should be noted this is far from being a toy. It’s small alright, but that’s about the only thing that makes it look like one. A 49cc motorcycle engine powers it and, believe it or not, you need a driver’s license to take it on the road.
Big Force 1 photo
Ten years ago, an Iranian-born Japanese entrepreneur, Zandi Mehdi Moghaddam, established a company called Japtec Co. The man wanted to build a business focused on selling printed circuit boards to automakers and other manufacturers, but due to the financial crisis, he had to reconsider his plans.

Since he knew a thing or two about cars already, he slowly went into vehicle manufacturing. After initially establishing a three-wheel scooters production line, Moghaddam started designing and eventually making these cute mini cars. Sure, they look like Jeeps, but that’s the only resemblance, considering you probably don’t want to drive it off-road anytime soon.

However, according to Japan Times, the Nagoya-based electronic parts maker has already sold about 80 of these things since their release in May, which means Japanese drivers enjoy the product. The road-legal small vehicle has but one seat. Regarding costs, one of these contraptions will set you back 298,888 yen, which at the current exchange rate is about 2,428 U.S. dollars.

The two-meter long and one-meter wide vehicle weighs about 330 lbs (150 kg), and its parts are assembled in China, which probably explains the rather low cost. Think of it as an ATV or a motorcycle rather than an actual car. Nevertheless, it will help you make friends since you won’t be able to pass unnoticed driving this on the street.

On the other hand, considering its size, one could wonder whether it wouldn’t have been better if the company had made it less performant using an electric powertrain and, therefore, turning it into a toy.


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