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Bentley Gran Coupe Rendered, Mulliner Could Deliver Coachbuilt Two-Door Mulsanne

Anybody in the market for a Bentley could argue that Crewe's line-up has aged and yet, as it happens with most high-end VW Group machines, engineers and designers save the best for last.
Bentley Gran Coupe rendering 1 photo
Let's take the Mulsanne, for instance. The British automaker's overly exclusive Mulliner division showcased the further possibilities of the platform at this spring's Geneva Motor Show by bringing us the Grand Limousine, a one-off Mulsanne that makes the "standard" model seem... well... standard.

And while massive, luxury saloons don't keep us awake at night, a coupe incarnation of the Mulsanne would certainly play this part well.

The Mulsanne is approaching the end of its development cycle, so a normal-production model is, most likely, not an option. Nevertheless, we do expect Mulliner to pull a similar trick as the one mentioned above, with the result being a two-door behemoth.

A droptop incarnation of the Mulsanne has more chances of becoming an exclusive reality, but the possibility of a coupe remains on the table.

After all, Bentley CEO Wolfgang Durheimer has shown his intentions of expanding the Mulsanne line-up on multiple occasions, so such aristocratic versions of the Mulsanne are not a far stretch. Of course, such machines would come with a price tag of well over $1 million, so we'd have to spend quite a lot of nights thinking about them and working to actually be able to afford one.

Nevertheless, until the Brits make up their mind on the matter, we've brought you the Mulsanne Gran Coupe rendering above. Coming from digital artist Rain Prisk, this gives us what appears to be an ultra-custom take on an Mulsanne coupe, the kind you'd expect alpine skier Jon Olsson to use for climbing a frozen mountain - unlike in the case of his supercars, the skis would fit inside the car, so don't expect one of those profane roof boxes here.

P.S.: If you happen to hear the "Brooklands" name, you should know this was a gigantic coupe that came before the Mulsanne, with 550 units of the two-door having been built between 2007 and 2011.


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