"Batman from Russia" Gold Digger Prank Features Tumbler Batmobile

We've been following VitalyzdTV since way back in the day when he was a young Russian teaching shy guys how to talk to girls. But a couple of years ago, he switched to prank videos, which are short and very popular on YouTube.
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Despite scoring millions of views every time he releases something, the girls don't seem to recognize him and fall for the oldest trick in the playlist: the gold digger prank.

The latest could be nicknamed "Batman from Russia" as the prankster wears a badly fitting superhero costume and tries to pick up an incredibly fit girl who's also from Russia. She is more than willing to take selfies with Batman, but won't join him for a drink because she sees him as a regular schmuck.

However, when Robin uncovers the Tumbler, the tables are turned. You can hear the trepidation in the voice of the blonde as she asks if the superhero car can be driven. But a voluptuous Catwoman arrives soon after and reveals the prank. She and Batman get in while Robin follows closely behind in the Lamborghini Aventador.

Based on the behind-the-scenes video, we've been able to deduce that the Tumbler is the same one we found sitting in a Dubai luxury car showroom last year.

In a few months, we're going to see the new Batman played by Ben Affleck. It's going to be a total and opposite reality from the Chris Nolan trilogy that launched in 2005, and the Tumbler will be replaced by a futuristic new combat vehicle. However, we still love the "bridging vehicle" made by Mister Fox. It makes a V8 sound, looks like the F-117 and gets you tons of girls. A replica of the Tumbler sold for $1 million, so we should treat it with the same respect as a Porsche 918 Spider or a LaFerrari.

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