BMW i8 Gold Digger Prank Proves Girls Like Doors That Go Up

BMW i8 Gold Digger Prank Proves Girls Like Doors that Go Up 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
What is a gold digger? It's quite obvious for some people, but we're not going to judge these girls. After all, it's perfectly safe to get inside the car of a total stranger just because it looks expensive.
Some of us want money more than we want to breathe, but getting it can be a matter of luck. Still, many youngsters believe that it solves everything.

Ambition drives man more than any other animal on the planet. We want the money to buy the best car in the neighborhood and get the wrong kind of attention from the opposite sex.

But remember that it's not the size of the engine that matters, gentlemen. You could buy a V8 for around $30,000 and not get any attention from the babes. So what is it then? Well, it appears that the right badge combined with doors that go up is the key.

This guy decided to put the theory to the test by baiting girls to get into a white BMW i8. And nearly all of them did, at least the ones he is showing us in the video.

Driving an i8 is being rich, famous and good looking all rolled into one. BMW didn't have to combine the genes of Bill Gates, Brad Pitt and Madonna. Instead, it put every technology it could think of into one car.

So it's got a chassis made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic, optional laser headlights and a hybrid engine that's more complex than the lunar rover.

Of course, the video might be fake as soy meatballs. There's something off about the girl who witnessed the loanshark incident. I mean, after seeing a life-and-death situation, is continuing to jog really the next logical step? But you can't rent out an i8 and start filming a prank, just hoping something interesting happens. Sometimes, you've just got to force it to happen.

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