Baja-Style McLaren F1 Render May Be a Glimpse into McLaren's Distant SUV Future

Baja-Style McLaren F1 Render 1 photo
Photo: Kd Kalim Design
SUVs are overly efficient cash cows, so any carmaker out there wants one. And while Porsche has managed to educate the clientele on this high-riding matter, Ferrari now uses Maserati for such purposes. But what about McLaren?
Given the young age of the Woking automaker (they returned to the road car business in 2011, remember?), releasing such a vehicle is a big no-no for the Brits, as it would risk diluting the image of the brand.

In fact, Mclaren went as far as trolling lavish brands that have recently entered the crossover game during a presentation held for the introduction of the 570S.

And while we have to admit hefty ground clearance and the safety feeling many drivers get from that can't be ignored, there might be a way for Woking to escape the SUV trend.

First of all, McLaren probably won't be able to touch this topic for one decade or so. Meanwhile, we have high hopes for an emerging breed of machines to put a stop to the SUV monopoly.

We've labeled these machines as jportscars (jacked-up sportscars). So far, we only have examples from the past, such as the Dakar-tackling Porsche 1953 racecar of the 80s or the uber-limited production Mega Track French street car proposal. When it comes to current examples, these are limited to custom projects, as well as renderings such as the one we have here.

Nevertheless, the signs of a forming trend are here and one of the strongest clues towards this bring us back to Porsche, which is rumored to be considering such vehicles for a fully diversified future line-up.

After all, it wouldn't hurt to have all the SUV benefits without the disconnected driving experience such machines provide.

Returning to the digitally manipulated image we have here, this comes from Kd Kalim Design, showing us what would happen is somebody decided to tackle the Baja race in a Mclaren F1.

And if you're wondering about the feasibility of the idea, given the microscopic ground clearance of this virtual contraption, the solution is simple - use your imagination to add an air suspension that would allow the vehicle to pose like this while also providing rugged terrain-grade ride height when necessary.
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