Aussie Maker of an Innovative Seven-Seat Air Taxi Scores a $250 Million Deal

The Cavorite X7 is a seven-seat hybrid-electric eVTOL 7 photos
Photo: Horizon Aircraft
From the Cavorite X5 to Cavorite X7From the Cavorite X5 to Cavorite X7From the Cavorite X5 to Cavorite X7From the Cavorite X5 to Cavorite X7From the Cavorite X5 to Cavorite X7From the Cavorite X5 to Cavorite X7
Things are looking up for the Australian-based air mobility company Horizon Aircraft. Just a short while after making the bold decision to switch from its original five-seat eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) design to a rare seven-seat configuration, it secured an impressive international order for the Cavorite X7 aircraft.
Just a few months ago, Horizon Aircraft moved from its original five-seat eVTOL design to a seven-seat model while keeping the hybrid-electric propulsion. It was the result of a successful test campaign for the initial Cavorite X5 prototype. The 50%-scale prototype did great on its first flight tests, which encouraged the engineering team to step things up. After a full analysis of structural and aerodynamic parameters, they concluded that the technology was safe to transfer onto a bigger platform.

The new Cavorite X7 boasts an estimated gross weight of 5,500 pounds (just under 2,500 kg) and a projected load of 1,500 pounds (680 kg). Its configuration was also described as very low-drag, which claims to bring significant benefits in terms of safety compared to eVTOLs with a radically new design.

Powered by a hybrid-electric system, this seven-seater was also designed for maximum operational efficiency. It allows the aircraft to recharge its batteries in flight, then, after landing, its batteries are recharged once again. In less than half an hour, the Cavorite X7 is ready for the next assignment. This is particularly important considering the machine's intended service in Medevac and other emergency-type sectors.

The Aussie aircraft developer recently secured what looks like its most impressive pre-order so far. JetSetGo, a regional aviation operator headquartered in South Delhi, India, confirmed its intention to purchase 50 units from Horizon Aircraft, with the option of adding 50 more. The purchase of up to 100 Cavorite X7 eVTOLs would amount to a whopping $500 million, with approximately $5 million per unit. This deal would also turn India into one of the largest markets for this seven-seat air taxi.

India holds tremendous potential for AAM (Advanced Air Mobility), and Horizon Aircraft was certainly not the only eVTOL maker to tap into it. The Suzuki Motor AAM company SkyDrive is also taking a deep dive into India's immense potential not just as a commercial market but as a special talent pool. The Japanese SkyDrive will also be launching air taxi operations in India soon, as well as partnering with local engineering teams to develop its eVTOL, the SD-05, further.

As for the Cavorite X7, it has the advantage of not requiring dedicated charging infrastructure due to its hybrid system. Plus, its long-range capabilities (800 km/500 miles) make it particularly suitable for reaching remote destinations and covering wide areas with fewer emissions (up to 30% compared to conventional helicopters).
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