Audi Shows Off Laser Rear Lights and Other Tech at CES

Audi Swarm Rear Lights 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
Autonomous or self-driving seems to be the main automotive theme at this year’s edition of the Consumer Electronics Show, which is currently taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Audi and Toyota have both shown off various new technologies, at the renowned technology venue, and now the former has also released several videos, to detail what their new tech is all about.
First off, they show off a Q7 SUV, which has a laser inbuilt into the rear lights, which projects a triangle onto the road, in order to warn other motorists that there is a vehicle there, when visibility is bad. The triangle is visible, even in dense myst, so it is actually a very good safety feature - we have seen many accidents where it may have been a very useful gadget to have, and it may have well saved the day entirely.

Next up they show their unique LED rear lights, the designs of which could not have been achieved without the latest LED technology. They feature complex designs, which give the brand’s offerings a distinct air of modernity. Staying in the realm of LEDs, Audi also shows off their Matrix headlights, which can dim each diode individually, thus offering optimal illumination under any conditions.

The self-driving or piloted driving system was conceived to allow the car to drive itself for a ‘limited period of time’, and it can also be used in town, at speeds of up to 60 km/h or 37 mph, in stop-start traffic. Using sensors and cameras, the system will steer, accelerate and brake the car for you.

They also showed off the company’s self-parking system, which is not at all different to what other companies are using.

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