Audi RS 6 Avant GT Gets CGI Anti-Dull Vax With Five Colors, 23-Inch Brixton Forged Wheels

Audi RS 6 Avant GT - in colors 10 photos
Photo: Instagram/@kelsonik (edited)
Audi RS 6 Avant GT - in colorsAudi RS 6 Avant GT - in colorsAudi RS 6 Avant GT - in colorsAudi RS 6 Avant GT - in colorsAudi RS 6 Avant GT - in colorsAudi RS 6 Avant GT - in colorsAudi RS 6 Avant GT - in colorsAudi RS 6 Avant GT - in colorsAudi RS 6 Avant GT - in colors
The mean RS 6 Avant GT is a nice street toy, the latest released from the forge of piston fun, otherwise known as Ingolstadt. The specs would be impressive if it were 2004, but in this day and age, they’re ok-ish for a car with all the letters of Audi performance inscribed in its heart (and on its rear). But the soccer mom’s station wagon from Germany is clearly missing one critical aspect of its thrill factor: colors.
The sober German choice of liveries keeps close to the traditional household discreetness: it’s white, black, and everything in between (which is grey, by the way, and not the entire visible light spectrum). Then again, Audi isn’t exactly famous for its color-abundant motoring experience, and the latest GT, the RS 6 Avant, is no exception.

Granted, it does sport the 4.0-liter V8 that fires 621 twin-turbocharged horses (630 PS) and 627 lb-ft (850 Nm) that spin the 22” 285/30 wheels shod in Continental Sport Contact 7 rubbers via a permanent quattro (all-wheel drive) system. In the standard setup, the very quick grocery-getter will keep pushing all the way up to 190 mph (305 kph), with a zero-to-sixty-two (0-100 kph) score of 3.3 seconds.

It takes 11.5 seconds for the muscle wagon to double that speed, and the carbon ceramic brakes are there for a reason – to end the throttle pounding before it gets jail-serious from overspeeding. But that’s just a minor nuisance confined to the real-deal car, and just 660 customers will have the chance to worry about those aspects of owning an RS 6 Avant GT in real life.

Audi RS 6 Avant GT \- in colors
Photo: Instagram/@kelsonik
Over in the land of pixel anarchy and freedom of imagination, the Audi can get a little spicier with the magic touch (read ‘CGI’) of Nikita Chuicko (social media persona: kelsonik). The car designer fiddled with the new Audi just a bit, proposing a new set of colors (I mean proper colorful colors, like bright yellow and electrifying blue, but also olive and two shades of grey and black).

While purists with four-ringed occultism inscribed in their hearts will call for the exorcist, some gearheads will approve of the lively variations. Those indifferent to paint schemes might be inclined to notice the tinted taillights and windows (the real-reality car has the rear door and hatch glass blacked out).

If all else fails, the master of hexadecimal reality plays the 23-inch Brixton Forged CM10 wheels (the German carmaker put 22-inch on the fast family carrier). The notable difference is spread all over the car – literally, the paint gets an onlooker’s full attention at first – but those wheels won’t fade out of sight.

Despite the strong contrast to the factory equipment (the bespoke, RS 6 GT-exclusive wheels come either in high-gloss white or black or matte black), the alternative proposed by the designer doesn’t take away the ruggedness of the rowdy Audi.

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