Audi Commercial Unintentionally Shows What’s Wrong in Our Relation with Our Cars

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The problem today is a lot of people don’t buy the car they want, they buy the car they need. Even though, in reality, the car they actually need is the one they want, only they’re too scared to realize it.
There’s a huge array of cars to choose from, ranging from the very affordable to the “honey, do you think you can live with one kidney?” extremely expensive ones. But for the sake of this discussion, we’ll leave the latter out since the people who buy them couldn’t care less about their price. We’ll just focus on what’s in between.

Choosing a car was once a natural reaction: you saw a new model, liked it, maybe even drove it, and then you bought it. Nowadays, it’s not that simple. First, you have to see its safety rating; then, you have to check its resell value; finally, you look at all sorts of stats such as fuel consumption or the cost for the options on that endless list.

And when you finally decide on one model, comes the task of choosing the options. You’d like your car to be red, but you’re well aware that vehicles with odd colors don’t sell so well, so you go for silver. Or, even worse, white. You’d want a lot of extras on your car, but when the time comes to find a new owner for your car, the more expensive it was when new, the more money you’ll loose when selling it. So you refrain from checking everything you would have liked.

And that’s wrong. It’s your car, damn it, so make sure it’s exactly how you like it. So what if you lose a few thousands of dollars after a few years? What’s important is that you enjoy the most of it while it’s yours.

This Audi commercial unintentionally points out this very issue. We’re inclined to think more about the well-being of our car’s next owner than that of ourselves. We put them ahead and limit what could have been an excellent experience, all in the name of reducing our losses. But is it really worth it? Sacrificing the full potential of the time spent with a car for just a couple of thousands of dollars, or less?

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