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Hyper Shift Pearl Peelable Paint Will Make You Forget About Wrapping Your Car

When there's not enough room for the Audi RS7 in the title of a YouTube video, that's when you know something cool is about to be shown. What are we talking about? According to this guy, Hyper Shift Pearl is like the hypercar of removable paint - expensive and amazing at the same time. He's right!
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DipYourCar is famous for making all sorts of removable paint finishes that are great if you don't want to wrap your car. You can even get it in a spray can and do the wheels or some other small detail.

Many, many years ago, people who wanted a color change had to go through the lengthy and costly process of getting a paintjob. You had to wait and hope the painter wasn't drunk that day or that all the glass would escape unsmudged and unscratched.

A few years ago, vinyl wraps took off and quickly became a must-have feature for the people that had supercars. Soon after that, PlastiDip arrived on the scene, giving people access to matte finishes that could be sprayed on and removed later. Unlike vinyl, you didn't have to be a professional.

But now there's a new product on the market, and it's called AutoFlex. It works just like paint and offers super-glossy finishes. The technology can be combined with matte, satin or high gloss finishes. The manufacturers claim it can be sanded, buffed, polished and waxed like a standard clear coat.

But best of all is the fact that you can combine it with the HyperShift Pearl, which gives an amazing color-change effect depending on how the light hits it. In this case, an Audi RS7 receives the ZTN finish courtesy of DipYourCar.

As you may figure out yourself after watching the video, this is a professional finish that requires some skill. However, you can also get a simpler color flip using the DIY PlastiDip system.

The only question we have is why you would ever want to tear that thing off? At least the original paint is being protected from the weather underneath.

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