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Aston Martin Rapide S Pricing to Sit at $200,000

Aston Martin has upped the ante on all fronts in the case of the Rapide, replacing this with the Rapide S. The vehicle is schedueld to land in US showrooms in May and, despite its upgrades, it is expected to come with a lower price.
Aston Martin Rapide S 1 photo
The Rapide S will be priced at about $200,000 in America, as an Aston Martin source recently told Edmunds. The aforementioned value can be transalted into a $12,000 decrease compared to the current price of the Rapide. The same source explained that the lower price comes as a result of “exchange rate and market conditions”.

The Rapide S is not only quicker, but also more efficient compared to the model it replaces. Aston has also made a few exterior and interior modifications, all with the aim of making its four-door coupe more appealing.


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