Art Is When You Cover a 1983 Volkswagen Golf In Popcorn

It would seem the strange colored wraps all the rappers opt for whenever they feel like changing the looks of their exotics is not that cool anymore. If you really want to be popular, you need to turn you vehicle in something really unique. Lucas Danehnl, an art student from Braunschwig University of Art in Germany, decided covering his 1983 VW Golf would be a proper work he needs to finish.
1983 Volkswagen Golf covered in popcorn 4 photos
1983 Volkswagen Golf covered in popcorn1983 Volkswagen Golf covered in popcorn1983 Volkswagen Golf covered in popcorn
For some reason, when we saw images with the popcorn VW, first thing we thought of was the Mutt Cutts van from Jim Carrey’s Dumb and Dumber series. It’s obviously not the same deal and this fellow’s VW is not even a van. It took almost an year for Danehnl to cover his 1983 car with popcorn and it was for the purpose of art. According to Periodis Model Motor he used an air heating machine to glue all the popcorn to the car.

And the reason he chose this particular car was it’s “a vehicle that represents my generation,” as he was born the same year. The popcorn theme was selected since it “conveys joy and beautiful memories with family and friends,” aside from being a tasty snack you usually buy at the movies.

The only question we’re asking, considering we’re obviously not artists, how we’ll the student prevent birds and other animals from trying to strip his car off the popcorn?
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