Are You Going as Dieselgate this Halloween?

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If you drive a diesel Volkswagen and live in the States, this is the best way to show people you have a good sense of humor. Either that or you will get a mauling. But we think it's worth the risk.
While Volkswagen is losing big money with the diesel emissions scandal, somebody else decided they could actually make some for a change. With money, it's the same as with the laws of physics: nothing is gained, nothing is lost, everything is transformed. Or rather transferred from one account to another.

The idea originated from a website called that's offering this "Volkswagen Emissions Scandal" as a DIY kit. And when we say DIY, we mean "buy some articles from their site, add a few you'll have to find for yourself and then go DIY."

It all starts off as a Super Mario costume, but things turn dark from there on. You need a smoke mask, black combat boots (you don't actually need those, but they add to the drama), something to make a little black cloud of exhaust fumes and, of course, the Volkswagen logo plastered on a gas can. The fake money pouring out of the gas can is just the icing on the cake.

Reading its description, it really doesn't sound like the most comfortable costume out there, but that's the price you have to pay if you want to be wearing the party's best costume.

Then, it's a case of "spot the Volkswagen owner in the room." Have a look around and if you see total strangers giving you the evil eye, you might find a VW key in the pocket of their Stormtrooper costume. Or maybe he's just mad he didn't come up with the idea himself.

Well, have a few more websites feature this costume idea and come October 31st, the Stormtrooper guy might actually find himself part of a minority, with a lot of Super Marios dragging their black bunny tail and empty gas can around.
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