Apple Smart Watch Could Replace Motorcycle Keys

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Apple’s upcoming smart Watch may also represent the foundation for a new step in motorcycle technology and security, as the company’s CEO Tim Cook does not dismiss the possibility that the device gets “special powers” in the future. This means that future motorcycles may be equipped with a Bluetooth communication system which could get in touch with a smartphone or smartwatch and allow riders to start the bike without keys.
Apple’s iPhones currently enjoy quite a lot of popularity because of the multitude of third-party apps which allow them to interact with a lot of objects in everyday life, from smart locks to TVs, navigation systems and many more.

There is power in the number of third-party apps

Unveiled in September last year, the Apple Watch is so far a mystery machine, as info on what it can actually do is very scarce. However, we might see the Watch delivered as a finished product on 9 March (according to insella) and hopefully the tech details will allow us to guesstimate the potential of the gadget.

What is certain is that the Watch will be linked to the iPhones using two-way Bluetooth communication and certain functions of the phone will be easy to control from the touch interface of the Watch. Installing a nearfield Bluetooth unit on a bike should not be rocket science, and thus interfacing with the iPhone/ Watch would be solved. Short-range Bluetooth would also make sure that the system does not leave you with a dead battery any time soon.

Of course, the remote unlock/start/ activation system could also be used in parallel with traditional ones, and add an extra layer of security. We really doubt that Apple would invest in such a proprietary system, but we know that hardware and software developers would never miss such a futuristic opportunity.

We are not exactly sure whether conditioning riding the bike on how much current you have left in your iPhone or Apple Watch is exactly our type of two-wheeled fun, but we just know a lot of Apple enthusiasts would instantly jump in the “smart bike” bandwagon without too many questions.

Is this another chapter in the “too much electronics in motorcycles” saga? May very well be…
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