Angry Sledgehammer BMW M6 Destroyer Is Back!

Last year, at the Frankfurt Auto Show, one disgruntled man decided to teach BMW a lesson and destroy a $100,000 M6 with a sledgehammer, right in front of the building that hosted the event.
Destroying a BMW M6 1 photo
Photo: Jalopnik
Back then, various sources claimed that the car was either his or a rental and that the man said the reason behind his train-wreck behavior was BMW’s refusal to fix his car’s transmission repeatedly.

Hadi Pourmohseni, an Italian businessman, apparently thought that the Bavarians didn’t learn their lesson the last time and he came back at the next big auto show held on European grounds, in Geneva. This time, the exact same MO was applied to, what seems like, the same car as the last time.

Whether he fixed it or rented another one, we don’t know at the moment as there is little info on the matter going around but we surely disagree with his actions.

Furthermore, last time, BMW intervened and claimed that they already offered to compensate the man, a statement that makes him look even crazier than he already does. It’s one thing to teach someone a lesson and another to keep doing stupid stuff just to draw attention to yourself, as this man is clearly trying to do.

The question on everybody’s mind right now is when is he going to stop? The next big European auto show will take place in Paris, in October. Hope you get better by then, Hadi!
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