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Android Auto Mysteriously Stops Working for Absolutely No Reason

Another day, another problem on Android Auto. This time, a bunch of users is struggling with a glitch that showed up totally out of the blue earlier this week and which apparently breaks down the app completely on their devices.
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Android Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interface
You wouldn’t normally expect a mobile application to stop working all of a sudden, even without receiving an update, but this seems to be happening right now for some unlucky fellows who are trying to connect their phones to the head unit in a car.

Users who turned to Google’s forums to file a report on the whole thing explain Android Auto no longer works as of this week, simply because the app fails to launch when the mobile device is connected to the vehicle.

Oddly enough, Google hasn’t shipped any update recently, and these users claim they haven’t changed anything on their devices either.

In other words, Android Auto broke down just because, and a server-side change is possibly the one to blame for the whole thing.

If you’re one of the affected users and you’re hoping to find a workaround, such a thing doesn’t seem to exist right now, as the generic fixes don’t make any difference. This isn’t necessarily a surprise, as the problem occurred all of a sudden, and if it happened on the server-side, then Google is the only one that can revert it.

On the other hand, it looks like not a lot of people are affected, but those who are ended up rather frustrated, especially as it happened before Christmas when many are leaving on longer trips.

As someone says on the forums, CarPlay works perfectly fine in a vehicle where Android Auto is now mysteriously broken down, so without a doubt, a full switch to the Apple ecosystem is very tempting for people who are currently struggling with this unexpected behavior in their cars.


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