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Google Squashes Widespread Android Auto Bug in New App Update

Google has recently managed to deal with another widespread glitch impacting Android Auto, though this time, the fix comes as part of an update for the Google app.
Google Assistant on Android Auto 6 photos
Android Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interface
The voice commands on Android Auto are powered by Google Assistant, which in its turn is a feature that’s bundled with the Google app shipped as pre-loaded on Android devices. In other words, every little feature offered by Google Assistant needs to be fixed, improved, or refined with updates to the Google app.

So when something goes wrong, the search giant needs to ship a new update for the Google app.

Most recently, Android Auto users discovered that Google Assistant only responds to input once, after which it no longer receives any commands and therefore makes the interaction with voice commands pretty much useless.

In other words, if you want to make a phone call, after waking up Google Assistant with the typical “OK, Google” phrase, the feature no longer worked, which means it wasn’t able to start the call to the desired contact.

In an announcement released a few hours ago, Google confirms it managed to figure out what happened and develop a fix. The patch is part of the latest Google app update, so everyone struggling with this feature should just install the most recent release.

Thanks for reporting the issue that ‘OK Google’ is responding only once on Android Auto. The Google Assistant team has implemented a fix to resolve this issue. Please make sure to update your Google app to the latest version,” a member of the Android Auto team explained on Google’s forums.

A new Android Auto update is very unlikely until early 2022, so if you’re struggling with various problems when running the app, just make sure everything is fully up-to-date on your device. You can also find the latest Google app APK for a manual update on this page.


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