And This, Kids, Is Why Double-Overtaking Two Trucks Is Always a Bad Idea

Welcome to Australia, the country where the trains don't have tracks and drive on the streets instead. The place where you can go for miles without seeing... life. The place where kangaroos are a real menace for traffic (it's not like they live anywhere else, genius). And, finally, the place where drivers behave just like any other driver in the world.
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Photo: Screenshot from LiveLeak
The great distances separating one city from another have turned Australian roads into very special places that are rather unique in the world. Look at the clip below and tell us where else would you be able to see a truck overtaking another one on a two-lane road while going one mile per hour faster at best? To be honest, we don't really see how they could do it there either since straight roads and all, the human eye has its limitations nonetheless. It's got a limited "rendering distance" that was well further than where a car coming the other way had to be to crash into the truck or force it to pull back (probably with a similar lack of haste).

Watching these two behemoths is like witnessing two turtles drag racing each other. It's not that they move slowly relative to the road (even though they probably do), but the rate at which the overtaking truck is inching forward is absolutely hilarious.

Which is the exact opposite of what that guy in the white station wagon must have felt. Stuck behind this moving roadblock, his blood pressure was probably going up a lot faster than the overtaking maneuver going on in front of him was developing.

We suppose that the first censoring beep is when the driver spots the car performing the double overtake. If that's the case, it must have been a very long truck, because it sure takes him some time to get in front. Then again, he was doing it on the narrow hard shoulder, so there wasn't much room for error.

Finally, he emerges forward victorious, only to be thrown off the road by the turbulence created by the truck. With his right wheels running on grass, he overcorrected to the left, causing the vehicle to end up in a ditch.

Not only did he not manage to get in front of the two trucks, but he also forced the one overtaking to go back to square one. But not before calling the police. Good thing it doesn't look like he needed an ambulance because it would have taken it ages to reach him, with all the trucks overtaking on this road.

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