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Alfa Romeo to Unveil 4C Sportscar in Frankfurt

We really don’t know what to think of Alfa Romeo’s future product offering. Marchionne has delayed the design for the Giulia for what looks like an indefinite period of time, while the only other spearhead for the range, the rear-drive, two-seater 4C looked too fanciful to be true. The Italian brand will try to solve the dilemma in Frankfurt next month, when it will be revealing the production version of the sportscar. To this end, a sort of teaser image for the car we already know has been released. It doesn’t show much, but at least it looks the same as the Geneva concept, with the exception of the color that’s been changed to a more realistic metallic gray. Fiat’s CEO Sergio Marchionne has promised the Alfa Romeo 4C will hit the European showrooms in the first half of next year, while the US market might get its hands on the first units in late 2012. This means that we’ll probably get to see the full production version in Frankfurt, and all the technical details will be clarified. The concept version of the 4C that was shown in Geneva this year came with the same engine that powers the Giulietta’s hothatch version - a 1.75-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that put out 200 horsepower. Although it’s clear the 4C will have at least 235 horsepower, seeing as the Quadrifoglio Verde, which we've tested, raises the bar to this level. In addition, the sportscar will borrow advanced materials and technology from the 8C Competitione. It will make use of carbon fiber and aluminum body panels for a total curb weight of less than 850 kg (1874 lbs). autoevolution will be attending the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, so stay tuned for some real up close and personal shots of the vehicles, as well as for first-hand details of the motorized contraptions presented at the event.


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