Alfa Romeo Giulia Face Transplant Makes BMW Z4 GT3 Look Heavenly in Odd Render

In case you've been on a camping trip to the moon, we'll let you know Alfa Romeo is currently working overtime to reinvent itself, with the brilliant Giulia being just the first step of the process.
Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe Racecar Rendering 1 photo
However, given the fact that Alfa's parent company Fiat Chrysler can't afford too many wild ventures, at least not in its current financial era, we don't expect to see the Milanese automaker's line-up welcoming a coupe anytime soon.

As such, we've decided to bring you a two-door Alfa, one that comes in the form of the render we have here - pixel tip to Instagram user alfa_romeo_picture2016 for the image.

Sure, this is but a BMW Z4 GT3 that has received an Alfa Romeo Gilia face transplant, but the result looks nothing short of breathtaking - it's either that or 100 percent of the staff that's currently in our office is having enjoying a collective hallucination.

And while Alfa Romeo purists may reject the idea of such a marriage, even when this is limited to the virtual world, we couldn't help but share the image with you.

Oh, and this is also an excellent occasion to remind you that the Z4's styling was signed off by a pair of female desiners, namely Juliane Blasi (the exterior) and Nadya Arnaout (the cabin).

As for the vehicles that will actually show up in Alfa Romeo showrooms in the near future, there are two main aspects to be discussed.

The first has to do with the brand's fist crossover, as the automaker is currently working to launch the Stelvio. And while the leaked footage, as well as the spyshots of the high-riding Alfa have offered us a good idea of what to expect, we have yet to see the real deal. You shouldn't fret though, as the Stelvio will debut tomorrow, November 16, at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

As for the second upcoming Alfa Romeo model we want to talk about, the rumor mill talks about the sedan that was supposed to be slotted above the Giulia having been scrapped.

Instead, the carmaker is supposedly planning a totally different approach, one that should show up next year. And since the render we have here isn't nearly enough to keep us busy by then, we'll return to the topic as soon as we get our hands on fresh info.


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