Akrapovic Full Moon Revealed: the Bike Itself Is Essentially an Exhaust

Akrapovic Full Moon 8 photos
Photo: Akrapovic
Akrapovic Full MoonAkrapovic Full Moon has an impressive rear endAkrapovic Full Moon with a sheet metal unibodyAkrapovic Full Moon with Slovenian exhaustsAkrapovic Full Moon belongs to the futureAkrapovic Full Moon spells fluid designAkrapovic Full Moon looks amazing
The Custombike Show in Germany provided top-drawer aftermarket exhaust Akrapovic with the best possible occasion to unveil the newest concept motorcycle called Full Moon. Akrapovic had teased the unveiling of the bike prior to the German show, the only thing which offered a hint as to what the Full Moon could look like was a sketch.
It could hardly pass as a contre-jour manipulated photo. Most of the guys in the media just agreed it was a cartoon representation of the actual bike, but this is where all the speculations kind of stopped. Seeing the first official photos of the Full Moon tells a much different story, as the actual bike is really a far out concept with stunning looks and a shape you just won’t forget any time soon.

A Dreamachine Motorcycles creation, just like the initial Morsus concept

Back in 2011, Slovenian Dreamachine and Akrapovic have unveiled the now legendary Morsus concept, a motorcycle which eluded much of the stereotypes used until then. Morsus introduced a new type of radicalism, a new trend which proved to even be influential to other builders.

It’s really hard to decide what is the thing which blows the first strike when the Full Moon comes in sight. We can guess it’s either the uncanny, fluid shape of the machine or the lenticular 30” front wheel. More than 800 hours of hard work were needed to bring the Full Moon from a sketch on a piece of paper to a bike rolling down the street, but the result has definitely paid off.

The 30-inch front wheel is a structure of carbon fiber and aluminium, and Akrapovic says its massive roundness also gave the name of the project. The frame and bodywork are handcrafted from sheet metal and seamlessly integrated into the whole concept. Believe it or not, but Akrapovic says that the bodywork of the Full Moon concept is an integral part of the bike’s exhaust system.

Obviously, the 1,524 S&S Knucklehead v-twin breathes out through a pair of special-design Akrapovic silencers. Such a power plant is surely capable to produce more passing power than you’d normally need, while the low-end torque is yet again one thing you’ll not be missing aboard this amazing solo beast.

A huge carbon composite rotor

Dreamachine went on to add more spectacular features on the Full Moon, so a huge perimeter brake disc was installed. It surely looks like a Buell brake on steroids, and this is obviously, mega-cool, while the stopping power is amazing, most likely.

Other fancy stuff includes hydraulic suspension and a system which maintains the bike upright when parked. The steering is completely automated, and no cables are visible, allowing Dreamachine to come up with a minimalist front end for the Full Moon.
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