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Adventure Time vs. Mad Max: Fury Road Mashup is Weirdly Beautiful – Video

Ever since the Mad Max franchise came to be in 1979, the post-apocalyptic became a bigger trend then ever among movie directors. As for Adventure Time with Finn & Jake, Pendleton Ward created one of the most LOL-worthy animated series the world has ever seen. Curious what happens when you blend out-and-out comedy with a dystopian theme? Art happens.
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How come a Russian man called Egor Zhgun came to combine these two seemingly opposite media creations to make a 1-minute mashup video? It's simple. Egor was inspired by a website called, where you can buy 11x14 prints for $25, drawn by a kind man called Ryan May.

From what we know, he's not James May brother, nor does he have things in common with Brian May of Queen. Ryan's prints are, as expected, a well-balanced take on Mad Max: Fury Road and Adventure Time, depending on your personal definition of well-balanced. Don't know about you, but this editor might fork 25 bucks by the time you finish reading this for the one with the flamethrowing guitar-rockin' guy (or chick).

When the Land of Ooo meets a post-nuclear holocaust desert wasteland, all hell brakes loose. It may be a minute long, but the adjacent video will make you laugh out loud. If not, a smirk should be on the menu for the "Oh, Monty Python is better" crowd. The automotive side of this story doesn't feature a Ford XB GT Falcon Coupe from 1973, but a gooey-like monster dune buggy with a curious supercharger.

The supercharger at hand is not a Vortech, nor a Whipple. In fact, it's Jake the Dog spinning like he got caught in the washing machine. And then there's Finn the Human, playing the role of an off-beat Max with a golden beard and a prominent attire represented by the trademark hat with ears sticking out on top. At the end of the day, our opinion is that Egor took one of the most dark and violent themes in the world, then added some Mad Max: Fury Road shenanigans.

Spoiler: Marceline the Vampire Queen plays the flamethrowing guitarist and the Ice King is Immortan Joe.

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