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8 of 10 Bikes Sold in Brazil Are Hondas

If you thought that Harley-Davidson’s over 50% US market share was amazing, here’s a new meaning to the term “market domination”. Brazilian motorcycle blog Moto Legal published some figures on the local two-wheeler market and they show Honda accounting for a whopping – hold on to your bars – 81 percent of the entire market.
8 of 10 Bikes Sold in Brazil Are Hondas 3 photos
8 of 10 Bikes Sold in Brazil Are Hondas8 of 10 Bikes Sold in Brazil Are Hondas
Now breathe deeply and read on. Honda is selling 81.09% of the total number of motorcycles in Brazil, and this is happening even with the massive 20.12% drop since 2011. In 2011, Honda led the charts with 1,532,656 units sold, while the total of bikes reaching customers through 2013 is 1,224,234.

With few per cents left to share among the rest of the manufacturers, Yamaha is in the second place, with 10.95% of the total market, and accounting for half of the “other bikes” sold in Brazil. Another Japanese manufacturer makes up for the sales podium: Suzuki, with an almost funny 1.79% market share. Between 2011 and 2013, Yamaha and Suzuki went down 28.15% and 34.22%, respectively.

Chinese-Brazilian manufacturer Kasinski has poste the worst sales decrease, with a mind-boggling 74,03% over the same period, followed by local makers Sundows and Iros, 57.13% and 65.47% down since 2011.

To end this piece with optimistic data, BMW and Harley-Davidson posted huge increases. The Bavarian manufacturer went up 36.81 percent and the MoCo leads the happy charts with a 79.66% increase. Now that 2014 will see a full year of Ducati business, it will be interesting to see how the premium bikes fare in Brazil this year.

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