600 HP Ferrari 458 Scuderia to Debut at Frankfurt Auto Show

Word has it Italian sportscar manufacturer Ferrari is set to reveal the Scuderia version of its 458 model at this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show.
Ferrari 458 Challenge 1 photo
Lighter than the standard version, the Scuderia is rumored to show up in Germany with 600 HP coming out of its 4.5-liter V8 engine thanks to a remapped ECU, updated exhaust, new forged connection rods, and a 9,300 rpm redline.

Besides the extra 38 horses, the Scuderia could also gain a tweaked seven-speed dual-clutch transmission with new gear ratios. According to Car&Driver, the new Maranello-built sportscar will come with active carbon fiber winglets on its rear diffuser and more capable Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes.

The 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show is set to debut on September 10, but be sure to stick around for further info on the new Ferrari 458 Scuderia.

Story via Car&Driver


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