Ferrari 458 Violent Crash in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Supercar crashes have become a common site, but, unfortunately, some are more severe than others. It seems that the Ferrari 458 in the adjacent image has been through an extreme accident, with the vehicle being crashed on Monday, in Sao Paul, Brazil.
Ferrari 458 Violent Crash in Sao Paulo, Brazil 1 photo
According to the Military Police, who is investigating the case, the vehicle was traveling on the Castello Branco highway, when the driver lost control and crashed into a pole. The supercar subsequently also hit the guardrail and, as you can see above, the effects were devastating.

Nevertheless, it seems that the driver, along with his female friend, who was accompanying him when the crash took place, escaped the accident with minor injuries. They were reportedly helped by people who witnessed the crash, before the Fire Department, who has been called to save them, could reach the crash site.

It seems that this Ferrari 458 had a short life, as the vehicle had reportedly been registered only 20 days before the accident.



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