3BEE Is a 3D-Printed Bicycle Fully Adapted to the Rider's Biometrics

3BEE 3D-printed bicycle 8 photos
Photo: Tamas Turi
3BEE 3D-printed bicycle3BEE 3D-printed bicycle3BEE 3D-printed bicycle3BEE 3D-printed bicycle3BEE 3D-printed bicycle3BEE 3D-printed bicycle3BEE 3D-printed bicycle
3BEE is a bicycle concept created by designer Tamas Turi, and even though it may look like a racing two-wheeler, we're dealing with an ergonomic approach to individual biometrics. That is, this concept was designed as a commuter bike, even though it looks ultra-sporty.
The nicest thing about the entire concept is that the frame of this bike is 3D-printed, and this means that certain variations are not only possible but also highly productive.

3BEE's pivotal attribute is customizability, and not only in terms of aesthetics. Of course, since we are talking about 3D printing, the sky is the limit when it comes to the graphic schemes that can be designed and implemented in the manufacturing process of these bikes, but there is so much more to the 3BEE than meets the eye.

Turi designed the 3BEE as the ultimate ergonomic bicycle, as the dimensions of the frame can be altered in minute steps, thus providing the best fit to any rider. Now, nobody expects the frame of this bike to be as adjustable as the chassis of a MotoGP motorcycle, but we're positive that the 3BEE will feel closer to the ideal feeling than the several regular sizes bicycles usually come in.

Height, pedal spacing, the bars and pretty much anything can be made to measure, and even adding an electric motor in the rear wheel could be a feasible option.

We also estimate that using smaller wheels, 3BEE bicycles in kids' sizes could also be printed if necessary. One drawback could be represented by the seat, which is integrated into the frame, and which doesn't seem to have any height-adjustability, at least, not in the current project. A small modification to the design could see an adjustable seat as an option for the 3BEE, anyway.

Thanks to the minimalist design, Tamas Turi's 3BEE could receive a lot of optional enhancements to meet various needs the customers might have, but we love its elegant primeval simplicity.
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