How Did These Two BMWs Squeeze Under That Buick LaCrosse?

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Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
We don't know what it is with cars these days, but they sure seem to enjoy some airtime (examples one, two, and three). Maybe they've heard we were promised flying cars by the year 2000, and they just don't want to disappoint. Or perhaps (most definitely) it's something else.
We know parking can be an issue, but if this is a new model of how to fit three cars on two parking spaces devised by the city hall, then let's just hope nobody's drunk when they vote for it and it doesn't pass. Also, it might be the case that the Buick was parked on both of this man's spots - as we've seen it can happen sometimes - but he had the last laugh as he managed to squeeze his two BMWs under the offender. Ha, let's see him try to leave for work early in the morning now.

Yeah, now that we've ruled out the impossible scenarios, let's focus on the real one for a change. Sadly, the video starts just after the actual incident takes place, but you don't have to be a detective to analyze the scene and realize what's happened. And when you do, it immediately becomes apparent just how much worse it could have ended. Well, apart from the guy whose two cars are now a little bit flatter.

As the guy filming reports, he crossed the road to meet with a friend in a nearby parking lot. He noticed an old man struggling to get into the Buick, but given his age (84-years-old), he didn't find it too odd. Moments later, the sound of screeching tires got their attention, and they could see the same LaCrosse power across the street, hit a short wall and go high up into the air. It landed perfectly on the two BMWs parked in front of a man's house, with the elderly driver still at the wheel.

Apparently, the man suffered some sort of seizure and couldn't control the car anymore. Considering it went across a relatively busy street, he could have caused a much worse crash, not to mention making an unscheduled visit to the living room of the house on the left. The only scenario where this could get more complicated is whether the old gentleman didn't have insurance.

And to end with the mandatory touch of misogyny: which of the two BMWs would you assume was driven by the Missus?

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