3,000 HP Venturi VBB-3 EV Aims for 600 KM/H Speed Record on the Bonneville Salt Flats

It might have been launched two years ago, but since then no other car managed to remove its status as the world's most powerful and fastest electric car.
Venturi VBB-3 1 photo
Yes, we're talking about the Venturi VBB-3, the only car - if we can call it that - capable of making Tesla Model S P90D and the new Ludicrous Mode blush.

The rocket-shaped electric vehicle is back with a new challenge in 2015, as Venturi wants to grab hold of a new record in August, on the famed Bonneville Salt Flats. So they set a new target for the VBB-3, which will attempt to reach 600 km/h (372.8 mph).

Since 2013 - when the vehicle was launched in the presence of Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco - Venturi had one goal and one goal only with the VVB-3: breaking the FIA world land speed record for EVs. That's actually their record, previously set in 2010 with an average speed of 495 km/h (307.5 mph).

However, bad weather conditions - namely because of storms and heavy rains - prevented the car in doing so, but hopes are up this year Mother Nature will be kind with the Venturi VVB-3, not like it happened in September 2013 and August 2014.

"We use TRC’s [Transportation Research Center in Ohio] Vehicle Dynamics Area and facilities to evaluate and test vehicle systems at comparatively low speeds. We were happy to learn that the suspension modifications this winter improved the car behavior. In general the Venturi BB3 is stable, to this point but of course again, we are at speeds less than 100 mph. Now we are going to use the TRC 7.5 mile oval track to run at higher speeds, around 200 mph," explained Roger Shroer, the VBB-3's driver.


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