300 HP Volkswagen T-Roc R Testing Hard at the Nurburgring, Is Chased by BMWs

This performance crossover thing is catching on, and pretty soon, many people will buy 300 horsepower 4x4s instead of regular hot hatchbacks. For now, the Cupra Ateca is being described as a unique thing, but it's going to have a sister car in the T-Roc R.
Volkswagen T-Roc R Testing Hard at the Nurburgring, Is Chased by BMWs 2 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot/Automotive Mike
Volkswagen T-Roc R Testing Hard at the Nurburgring, Is Chased by BMWs
We're partially excited about the T-Roc R. It's going to be one of the smallest cars ever to boast 300 horsepower at about 4.2 meters in length. And even though we foresee it being slightly heavier than the Golf R at about 1.6 tons, this will still be a nimble little toy.

Volkswagen's decision to make a car for almost every segment sometimes results in weird hybrids. The T-Roc R is a bit like that, since it's probably going to cost around €45,000 and yet won't be all that practical. It's a bit like the Abarth 500 in that regard.

However, as a member of the VW R family, this little thing will be coated by lots of enthusiasts and will be superior in most ways to previous performance crossover attempts, such as the Juke Nismo or the JCW Countryman.

And it's not even the only new R model coming since the Tiguan R should arrive at the same time as the mid-life facelift and will be followed by a V6 Arteon R. Scheduled to debut towards the end of 2019, the performance T-Roc can be seen here undergoing testing at the Nurburgring track in Germany.

During the so-called "industry pool," several automakers share the costs of renting out the track without any tourists on it. This, in turn, results in more interesting shots, like the one where the T-Roc R is chased by a BMW X5 and the M4. Now, we aren't saying that the Bimmers can't overtake it, just that the VW is being driven like a 300 horsepower car should.

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