2024 Discovery LXE Demands Over $500K To Own but Unlocks Full-Time On-Road Living

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Photo: Fleetwood RV / REV Group / YouTube Screenshot
2024 Discovery LXE2024 Discovery LXE2024 Discovery LXE2024 Discovery LXE2024 Discovery LXE2024 Discovery LXE2024 Discovery LXE2024 Discovery LXE
When one year's camping season ends, another begins. It's in this spirit that we begin to take a look at the wonders of next year, and, if I may, the floodgates have been opened wide.
Folks, the machine in the image gallery is nothing more than the work of Fleetwood RV, the one and the same that's part of the REV Group, one of America's leading RV conglomerates. Well, considering they've been pumping out their 2024 models, I've decided to take a closer look, and what I've discovered is worth the time that it takes to read this article.

What we're looking at is the 2024 Discovery LXE, and it's considered the biggest and boldest of the Fleetwood lineup. Considering pricing starts at no less than $508,462 (€474K at current exchange rates) for a new unit, you can bet your bottom dollar that we're in for one hell of a machine.

Now, if you're up to date with the sort of tasty treats that Fleetwood RV likes to bring to the table, then you have some idea of what the LXE has to offer. Just 'some' because whenever Fleetwood attaches "LXE" to a class of RV they build, the bar is raised a bit further up the lifestyle ladder.

One of the strongest points of the Discovery LXE is its ability to accommodate the largest of traveling groups. Sure, extended families are nice and all, but once you're in possession of an LXE, you could very well bring along a couple of family friends or aunts and uncles. For example, the most fitting unit I could make out can accommodate up to ten people, not counting anyone catching Zs on the floor.

How is this possible? Well, when you spend at least $500K on a motorhome, that thing better be able to achieve whatever you need and want, but the 44B achieves the ability to support so many people by placing a modular sofa, modular dinette, king bed, bunk beds, and another sofa in your unit.

2024 Discovery LXE
Photo: Fleetwood RV / REV Group
Yet, all this space is bound to pose a problem: how do you ensure that everyone is comfortable, with bellies full, and enjoying the experience? Well, this is Fleetwood we're talking about, and you can forget all about any issues you may have in mind. After all, seven pages worth of features and options is what these Class A motorhomes place at your disposal.

Let's start with spaces like the residential-size kitchen and all it has to offer. It's here that you'll spend quite some time preparing meals for your famished mini-army, made possible by a massive fridge to stock goods and an electric cooktop, and for cleaning up, a dishwasher and a farmhouse sink are standing by. Considering there's a water accumulation system, water pump, heaters, and even a generator in the background, you won't have to worry about not being able to feed everyone.

With everyone's bellies full, let's check out the entertainment and relaxation features in place. Depending on the floorplan you choose, you'll be able to enjoy soundbars in every room, including an outdoor entertainment center. Oh, and typically, you can find a minimum of around five TVs in a Discovery LXE.

But why so many TVs for a machine that's meant to help you get in touch with nature and the greater outdoors? Well, what you need to consider about this lineup of motorhomes and even others like it is that these babies are built to support full-time on-road living, and when you're always on the road, sometimes, you just want to kick back and catch a flick, no matter the room you're in. Why not go all the way and install one in the bathroom, too?

2024 Discovery LXE
Photo: Fleetwood RV / REV Group
Yet, this doesn't mean that the LXE isn't ready to handle those off-grid adventures we so desperately seek. You've already taken note of the fact that these units include a generator, but they also place countless other systems at your fingertips, including the water accumulation setup I mentioned, water filtration system, solar packages, six deep-cycle batteries, and so much more. Go ahead, leave it parked on the edge of some road, and take a few hours off to explore the local woodlands.

Upon coming back, your Discovery LXE will be there waiting for you with batteries recharged and luxurious doors wide open. Dust off, take a shower, throw the clothes in the washer/dryer combo, and relax by the electric fireplace. Why not dim the lights, turn on some light jazz, and let your body be cooled by porcelain tile flooring? Go ahead, doze off, and see you tomorrow.

The next day, you get up and look for any parking tickets you may have unknowingly gathered while asleep, and start the engines before anyone's the wiser - be sure to check local laws and regulations whenever and wherever you decide to park your vehicle. Next stop, well, you tell me.

Since there's so much that makes up a Discovery LXE, do take the time to dive deeper into what it means to own one - there's a little video below - if it made it into your mobile-living loving soul, that is. Just be warned, you may find yourself calling up some family meetings to discuss how you all are going to pay for one.

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