2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Rendered: Why It Matters [Updated]

We are now only one day away from the release of the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT and we’ve brought you the rendering above as an excuse, great for sitting down and talking about with your friends.
2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Rendering 1 photo
Why Mercedes-Benz?

Remember the rule about sportscars not making money? That may be true, but cars are special among other appliances simply because they manage to stir up our emotional side and this is where the sporting breed comes into play.

Why the AMG GT?

Even though at first sight it may seem that Mercedes likes to place luxury above all else, a quick glance at its line-up reveals that they are actually obsessed with two-seaters. Above all else, the upcoming AMG GT matters because it replaces the SLS AMG at the top of Mercedes’ sporting chain.

Where did the... downsizing come from?

Taken in isolation, the SLS AMG was nothing short of a marvel, with its retro-American roots providing a truly unforgettable experience. Alas, not all of us afford car collections, so when out shopping for a go-fast vehicle, things usually need to be a bit more usable than that. This is where the AMG GT comes into play. Smaller, more affordable and targeting younger buyers, the newcomer has been in the spotlights since 2011, when a wave of reports signalled its existence as a project.

The tech bits

Using an aluminum spaceframe, the AMG GT should tip the scales at under 3,300 lbs (1,500 kg), about 300 lbs (135 kg) under the SLS. While RWD will be the standard here, AMG’s recent line of AWD models means we’ll also get 4Matic models.

And yes, the spectacular-but-hopelessly-impractical Gullwing doors are gone.

The long bonnet conceals an all-new 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. Codenamed M178, this is basically comprised of two M133 M 2.0-liter engines (the L4 unit powering the “45 AMG” models). At least for the beginning of the model’s life, the unit is expected to arrive in two states of tune, delivering 455 and 500+ hp. Note that the engine will eventually power most, if not all of AMG’s V8 models, with the upcoming 2016 C63 AMG being next on the list.

The powerplant will be mater to AMG’s seven-speed Speedshift dual-clutch transmission, which will be placed at the rear of the car in order to keep the weight distribution in check.

The cabin

In its wicked teasing game, Mercedes-Benz has already unveiled the interior of the AMG GT. This is where the new cabin styling language of the brand arrives in its sportiest form yet. We’ve only seen a few photos so far and you should expect a take that’s as German as possible.

The competition

Many have said the AMG GT is a competitor for the Porsche 911. This isn’t actually true, since, like most cars in this class, but not the 911, the Mercedes has two seats. Still, as far as the driving dynamics go, this will be of little importance, so expect to see the two going head to head more often than not.

The release unleash

While Stuttgart is set to set the AMG GT free online tomorrow, September 9, 2014, the sportscar will greet us in person early next month, at the Paris Motor Show.

Update: here is the official story of the AMG GT.


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