2016 Ford Focus RS with 2.3L Turbo Captured on Video

Want something to get excited about going fast in a family hatchback? Look no further than the next-generation of the Ford Focus RS, from the same company that gave us the Sierra Cosworth and the excellent little Fiesta ST.
2016 Ford Focus RS 1 photo
Development is currently underway and the model could debut in a little over a year from now. Despite the myriad or spy photos and speculative reports, we’ve never actually shown you what the car Ford are working on sounds like. Spotted at a test facility near the Nurburgring and on the track itself, this prototype was filmed by the guys at TouriClips earlier this week. It’s motivated by a powerful engine and should offer everything a rally fan could ever want: big wings, spoilers and skirts.

The exhaust sound in the video is typical of four-cylinder engines but it’s not exactly the same as the Focus ST or the new Mustang. Not surprisingly, the tone is reminiscent of a tuned Mazda3 MPS with straight pipes. The 5-cylinder 2.5-liter in the old RS will surely be missed though.

All reports indicate power will come from the same 2.3-liter turbo engine shared with the new 2015 Ford Mustang, the only major difference being it will he horizontally mounted into a front-wheel drive platform. While the Mustang EcoBoost gets 310 hp, the RS should have 330 hp. While most cars in this segment (Audi S3, Subaru STI, Golf R) use all-wheel drive to deliver the power, Ford will only offer a FWD with a manual to keep things light and responsive.

Like the Mk2 Focus RS, this one will be a special thing, appealing mainly to the connoisseurs. The Blue Oval is expected to introduce a new generation of its compact in 2017, which means RS production could be limited to a little over one year.

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