2016 BMW 7 Series Prototype Tips Over Police Van in Stuttgart

Even though the upcoming 2016 BMW 7 Series isn’t out yet, the car already made a victim, sort of speak. Saturday night, one of the prototypes that was out testing crashed into a police van in Stuttgart, tipping the latter over injuring three policemen and the driver in the process.
2016 BMW 7 Series Crash 4 photos
2016 BMW G11 7 Series crash in Stuttgart2016 BMW G11 7 Series crash in Stuttgart2016 BMW G11 7 Series crash in Stuttgart
According to the local media, the police car was even running its siren and lights when the accident happened. As it turns out, it was rushing to reach a call regarding a robbery when it ran a red light. The driver of the BMW prototype must not’ve heard the siren (probably he was testing the new Burmeister sound system) and entered the intersection, thinking it was clear, having a green light and all.

Fortunately nobody was seriously hurt but we can’t help but wonder just how much trouble the driver of the G11 prototype is in right now, probably left without a license too for a while. To top it all off, the initial damages are estimated at €150,000 ($162,405). Yeah, somebody’s gonna have so explaining to do.

This whole ordeal could’ve proven profitable for amateur or professional spy photographers, as the camouflaged car was standing still for a couple of minutes, allowing people to take a look at the interior. However, even though the driver was injured in the crash, he had the inspiration to immediately cover the car up, preventing the media from snapping photos of the interior.

In case you were wondering, now you know what happens when a BMW 7 Series crashes into a Mercedes Sprinter. Not that we were all that curious, anyway. It doesn’t look good for the Merc...
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