2015 Yamaha YZF-R1, R1M and R3 European Prices Announced

2015 Yamaha YZF-R1M 1 photo
Photo: Catalin Garmacea
It’s been quite a busy autumn for Yamaha and it looks like the guys in charge of the brand’s sport bikes range have burned the midnight oil to have the all-new YZF-R1, its R1M track-focused sibling and the entry-point YZF-R3 ready for the EICMA 2014… and the world.
Yamaha’s flagship superbike has not received a major update form quite a long time, but it looks like all the waiting was well worth. Of course, the new aesthetic approach might be a tad too radical for certain riders who have maybe been dreaming about edgier lines. Still, with so much MotoGP DNA derived from the YZR-M1 prototype, the 2015 model year R1 is a truly spectacular presence.

Not exactly a cheap machine

If you only have eyes for the price tag, the 2015 iteration of the R1 might leave you a bit disappointed. Yamaha’s goal was not to provide the cheapest liter-class sport bike of them all, so if you want to take a step on the wild side, you should definitely prepare some solid funding.

In Europe (Germany), the 2015 YZF-R1 can be had for €18,495, whereas in the US, the same bike will only set you back with $16,490. As far as the taxes and price differences are concerned between these two markets. We don’t even want to go there. If it helps Euro riders soothe the pain, we’ll just add that their British brethren are even deeper in this, as “their version” of the R1 needs a £14,999 check before agreeing to leave the showroom (some extra €500).

If you feel like getting one step closer to the way Rossi and Lorenzo feel and want to add some extra racing style to your track days, the R1M is the right tool. If you happen to live in the States, the 2015 Yamaha YZF-R1M will be yours the moment you show your $21,990 check. European riders can join you in exchange of €22,995, while UK Yamaha riders will have to fork out £18,499, again a tad more than the rest of their mainland fellows.

Even so, the R1M is a machine to be manufactured in a limited run with only 500 units rumored to be available. In the UK, getting one requires the future customer to fill out a form on Yamaha’s website, have it printed and brought to an authorized dealer within 14 days, where a deposit will most likely be mandatory to confirm the buying intentions. The bikes will be delivered between January and July, 2015.

R3, a cool machine for beginning riders

It looks like the days when 125ers were looked at as “big beginner machines” are over. Honda and Kawasaki have already upped their game from the quarter-liter segment to the 300cc class, and Yamaha could not do otherwise. The entry-level sport bike from Iwata can be had for a $4,990 MSRP in the US, while an EU (German) beginner will have to spend €5,395 for such a bike. If you’re in the UK and are window-shopping for an R3, you’ll have to secure £ 4,799 (€6,050) to take one home.

Some might ask about news on the supersport-class R6… but it looks like this segment is not doing too well lately. Stay tuned for this week’s editorial to find out why. But until then, feast your eyes on the 2015 Yamaha YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M we caught up with at EICMA 2014.
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