2015 Ford Mustang GT Takes on AWD Jaguar F-Type R with Predictable Results

Whenever somebody mentions Jaguar and Ford in the same sentence, I’m one of the few people who thinks of the year 2008. Back then, American CEOs thought the end of the world was coming, so Ford decided it was a great idea to sell Jaguar and Land Rover to the Indians.
2015 Ford Mustang GT Takes on AWD Jaguar F-Type R with Predictable Results -Video 1 photo
At just £1.7 billion, this deal has to be one of the worst decisions ever made in car making history. Had they held on to JLR, Ford could have associated itself with jaw-dropping machines like the Range Rover 4 and the F-Type.

We can’t exactly call the Mustang a rival for the F-Type, especially when you are comparing a basic GT model to an all-wheel drive F-Type R Convertible worth over $100,000.

Still, The Fast Lane Car has always been about unusual comparisons between cars that are never mentioned in the same discussion. The Jaguar is an all-wheel drive convertible with a supercharged engine, while the Ford costs about three times less and is at an engineering disadvantage.

But just because it’s pointless, doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy watching this video. The supercharged engine of the F-Type has the potential to make grown men giggle with joy, while this Mustang is the most revolutionary Ford has ever made.

The F-Type convertible was launched at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, following its display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in June 2012. However, this is the 2016 model year with some upgrades designed to compete with the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. The power is sent out through an all-wheel-drive system, and the V8 went from 495 to 550 horsepower.

In a straight line, the Ford Mustang doesn’t stand a chance, as TFL Car found out. It requires 6.2 seconds to reach 60 mph, while the Jaguar takes 4.44 seconds, placing it in a different league. However, the time difference on the track is a little smaller than expected.

A decade ago, putting a Mustang on the track up against a European sportscar would have been unthinkable. Who knows, if we allow Ford to make a $100,000 Mustang, it could be a supercar killer.

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