2015 Audi RS3 Is Slower and Less Fun than Golf R in Evo Track Battle

Boy, the RS3 can't catch a breather, now can it?! Ever since the all-new generation launched a couple of months ago, the German hot hatch has taken hit after heat. This time, it's compared to the Volkswagen Golf R, a cheaper and less powerful car that seemingly doesn't have a chance.
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On paper, all the odds are in the RS3's favor. Both cars are based on the same MQB platform and have similar proportions. But the Audi features a 5-cylinder turbocharged engine with 367 PS and the Golf only has 300 PS from its 2-liter turbo, which is coincidently shared with the Audi S3.

From a standstill, the Golf R takes 4.9 seconds to reach 100 km/h with a DSG gearbox and 5.1 if it's equipped with a manual. The auto-only RS3 takes 4.3 seconds, nearing sportscar levels of performance.

But just as we learned from the battle between the RS3 and the Civic Type R, acceleration times mean nothing on a track, and it's there that this battle takes place. One of Evo Magazine's new test drive editors takes them both around one of Britain's twistiest circuits. The result is that the Golf R manages to set a lap that's about half a second faster, which is surprising.

The main reason for this is that the RS3 is heavier than the Golf R. The Evo editor also tells us it's less fun to drive, from the feel of the steering to the modularity of the chassis in the corners.

There are many other interesting facts to note. For example, we like how he explains these aren't real AWD cars, more like FWD ones that have an infinite amount grip (when the front wheels get overpowered, torque is sent to the back).

There are a couple of issues with the review video we want to talk about. First of all, the timed lap was probably done before the review, when the brakes and tires were at their best. That's why it sounds like the reviewer likes the Golf R more, even though he seemingly hadn't driven the RS3 yet.

Another thing we want to mention is the issue of the price. For "£10,000", you aren't just getting an extra cylinder and the Audi badge. The brakes, the gearbox, and the engine are all more advanced on the RS3. We also need to consider the level of finish for the interior or the fact that some of the quattro car's body panel are made from aluminum. But when you add options like a custom exhaust, paint, leather and comfort features, the RS3 could be nearly double the price of the Golf R.

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