Honda Civic Type R Faster than BMW M3 and Audi RS3 Around a Track

This next track battle has nearly half the entire German car community rioting. British magazine Auto Express says the Civic Type R is a faster car around a small circuit in Wales than the mighty BMW M3 and the Audi RS3 quattro rocket.
Honda Civic Type R Faster than BMW M3 and Audi RS3 Around a Track 1 photo
On paper, things aren't supposed to happen like this. The new Audi RS3 features a 367 PS 2.5-liter turbocharged engine and is the only all-wheel drive model in this comparison. The BMW, on the other hand, features the latest twin-turbo 3-liter inline-6 engine and an advanced DCT gearbox developed by the M division.

Seeing that the Civic is made in Sunderland, could this be a case of playing favorites? Surely, Honda's first EVER turbocharged 2-liter engine can't be that good, right?

Many Youtube commenters have pointed out that the M3's hot lap features too many sideways corners. But Auto Express later assured us that the footage was not taken during the timed runs. As for the RS3, well it's never been known as a fast track car so that we can accept the result.

And anyway, this video isn't so hard to believe when you consider Nurburgring records. Honda's recently set record sits at 7 minutes and 50 seconds while the BMW M4 is 2 seconds slower.

At the end of the day, lap records are only relevant on a track. The M3 isn't good; it's brilliant, the most fun you can have in a BMW. Meanwhile, the RS3 will humiliate the Civic Type R in a drag race and deal with wet conditions more efficiently.

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