2015 All-New Honda Fit Is a Decent Subcompact Car, Says Consumer Reports

Honda's brand new Fit is a third generation model which promises quite a lot. But does it actually deliver? We'll let you watch Consumer Reports' latest review so you can make up your own mind.
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Besides being larger, the Fit is also impressively well equipped for its class. This high-grade model seems to come with everything you could ever want in a normal car. But while the Japanese version of the car uses a twin-clutch automatic, this model made in Mexico uses a cheaper CVT to get power from the VTEC engine down to the wheels. Like on most cheap Nissans, CVTs are not only joyless, but also very noisy. The thing is, if you want a car that gets decent fuel economy for well under $20,000 CVTs are your best bet.

The new radio system is the same as in the Civic and there are a number of nice features on this fully equipped 2015 Fit EX-L, some of which you don't actually need. The thing is, nobody is going to get that car because it's going to be more priced somewhere between a Civic LX and the EX with the automatic. Nobody really wants to get the smaller car unless they have to.

The 2015 Honda Fit has a lot of rivals. There's the sporty Ford Fiesta, the minivan-ish Nissan Note, Toyota's soon-to-be retired Yaris and a few others. The Fiesta is clearly the one to watch out for, since it has the superior handling. But the newer Fit has a much better cargo area. Plus, is that what you really want from a subcompact – fun?

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