2014 Lexus IS in the Works

Rumors have been spreading across the world-wide-webs that a new generation of the Lexus IS is in the works and it will probably be based on the FT-86 platform that made its first appearance at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.

The FT-86 pays tribute to the Corolla Levin coupe that is also known as AE-86. The AE-86 was a small, lightweight coupe introduced by Toyota as part of the fifth generation lineup. The chassis code represents the engine that came in the car (the 3A and 4A) and the E86 represents the 6th revision of the fifth generation (E80 series). The AE-86 is among the last rear-drive cars of its type, at a time when most passenger cars were being switched to front-drive.

Just like its long gone predecessor, the AE-86, that spawned the Corolla coupe, the new FT-86-based IS will be rear-wheel driven, keeping the sporty genes where they belong. The chassis will be further stretched to comfortably accommodate five passengers. The sporty side of the new IS will be even more emphasized than that of the current model, with looks and performance to match its heritage.

While the FT-86 sports car will be powered by a Subaru 2.0-liter flat four engine, the IS will have a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder or a 3.6 liter flat six, both of which will be sourced from Subaru. An additional high-powered V8 will confer the IS access to the racetrack.

Keeping in mind that the development of this model is still only a rumor, the IS could potentially spawn further variants with hybrid propulsion and even a wagon version.
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