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2013 Piaggio BV 350, a Maxi-Scooter with the Classic Attire

Maxi-scooters usually boast modern design, focusing on the edgy lines and aiming to appeal to the car driver looking for cheaper and more convenient transportation or commuting. However, it's so nice to see that bigger scooters are still being manufactured with the old-school picture in mind: and the Piaggio BV 350 is such a machine.
2013 Piaggio BV 350 1 photo
Boasting the compact build of smaller scooters, yet hiding a powerful engine which can rival the 400cc class, the 2013 Piaggio BV 350 can reach a whopping 86 mph (138 km/h) speed. The 330cc 4T engine is capable of 32.8 hp and can do up to 70 mpg (3.3 l/100 km), and this means really nice savings as a daily ride.

Loaded with modern instrumentation and generous brake rotors, the 2013 Piaggio BV 350 ia rider-friendly thanks to its automatic transmission, too. Classic in looks and modern in performance, the 2013 Piaggio BV 350 retails fo $5,6999 (€4,280).


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