2 Teens, 14 and 15, Steal Small Airplane, Fly And Land it Successfully

Ah, to be young and reckless! Two teens from Utah are now facing a string of very serious charges after they stole a small plane and took it out for a ride, Deseret News Utah reports.
Teens small a single-engine Cessna plane, successfully flew and landed it before they got busted 3 photos
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The boys’ names have not been made public because of their age. You might be tempted to think that, because of the skills they showed with this stunt, they’re at least 18 or 19, but you’d be wrong: they’re 14 and 15, actually.

Despite their rather tender age, they were able to get their hands on a tractor and a plane, and access to a private air strip from where they took off. If that’s not skill (put to bad use, but skill nonetheless), we don’t know what is.

The incident occurred in rural Uintah County, and the boys were arrested upon landing successfully in Vernal.

“[They] left a group home on the Wasatch Front earlier this week and went to the Jensen area where they stayed with friends, according to the Uintah County Sheriff's Office,” the report notes. “Police say the teens gained access to a tractor, drove it to a private air strip in Jensen and stole a fixed-wing, single engine light sports aircraft. The plane was seen flying very low along U.S. 40 near Gusher.”

Apparently, the plan was to return from whence they came also via plane, but for whatever reason, they had a change of mind and landed at the Vernal Regional Airport. This proved to be the wrong choice for them, because the police were waiting and the teens were arrested.

“They are being held at the Split Mountain Youth Detention Center in Vernal for investigation of multiple charges,” the report adds, failing to mention what these might be. Even so, you can probably tell the boys are in serious trouble.


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