1977 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Make Father and Son Become Best Friends

1977 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Make Father and Son Become Best Friends 1 photo
Photo: Petrolicious on YouTube
Getting along with your parents is perfectly natural, but as we grow up interests become somewhat different than those of our elders. How many out there can say their father is their best friends? Well, that is exactly the story of Jonathan Kitchen and his son, Paul, who bond through a mutual love of automobiles. Their great relationship revolves around “Britain’s First Supercar”, a classic Aston Martin they spent years to restore and bring to its former glory.
Capable of performances comparable with the Ferrari Daytona, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage turned the automotive industry upside down at its 1977 introduction. The 2-door coupe was not just a great work of performance, but it also remains a rare breed. With around 37 units built that year, it was a dream car for many back in the day. Heck, it still is if you ask us.

Jonathan Kitchen was one of those people. The UK-born American didn’t afford the car at first but managed to inspire the same enthusiasm to his son. As his kid grew up, the two finally stumbled upon a second-hand unit owned by a teenager who never took the proper care of the car and managed to wreck it enough to decide to sell. The two decided to save up money and split the price in half.

In the first years, the person who drove it the most was the tow-truck driver. I did have it through high school. One day, in the senior year, the car caught on fire. First, I started running but then I stumbled upon a fire distinguisher and ran back to save it,” Paul told folks over at Petrolicious, who just released a video with the inspiring story. Paul’s father took over, put a lot of money into it and restored it into what the Aston Martin is today.

The revived Aston Martin is not just a gorgeous classic British ride, but it grew into a car that keeps the father and son close. “I’m very grateful that I got that opportunity to take what was a part of his history and make it a part of my history,” Jon said talking about his relationship.

And above all, just look at that line, listen to that engine...

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